Why Choose an ATLAS Member?

Choosing to use an ATLAS member gives you an extra level of quality assurance beyond simply using Google.  ATLAS members face a rigorous application process to enter into membership, which involves physical audits on their offices and an active site.  Upon passing into membership they are then are audited annually to ensure they remain compliant with all of ATLAS’ strict membership criteria.

When you choose to use an ATLAS member you know that they will:

  • Have high standards of competence and workmanship
  • Be financially stable with a proven trading record
  • Be compliant with the relevant technical standards
  • Be committed to health, safety and training – both on their sites and with their workforce
  • Work collaboratively across the sector, and all of the supply chain, to continuously improve services
  • Have a CITB/CSCS or affiliated scheme registered steeplejack and/or lightning conductor engineer fully carded workforce.

Find a Member

ATLAS represents the leading players in the lightning protection and specialist access sector which deliver high quality standards nationwide.

ATLAS is in a privileged position to be able to reject, suspend and sometimes even terminate members who fail to make or maintain the grade.  If you have been shown an ATLAS membership certificate, please ensure that you check the company is listed on our Find a Member page, which would reflect if there are any current issues with that member’s membership status.

In the unlikely event that you have an issue with the work undertaken by an ATLAS member, ATLAS has a formal complaints procedure to assist you in finding a resolution.  Can you say the same for your Google search result?

Look for the ATLAS logo to find the true professionals for your lightning protection and/or steeplejacking work.