RF & EMF Awareness Training

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Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) sometimes referred to as “RADHAZ” are a serious risk to construction and maintenance workers globally. Anyone involved in working in close proximity to transmitting equipment (aerials, antennae, satellite dishes etc) can be exposed to very harmful levels of EMF or RF. The EU directive 2013/35/EU covers employers’ responsibilities, which in the UK is covered by the 2016 Control of Electromagnetic Field at Work Regulations.

ATLAS would like to remind all members of the risks associated with working at height and potentially being exposed to RF or EMF. Carrying out remedial works, inspections, testing and surveys all have the potential to put operatives and staff at risk and these risks must therefore be considered in any risk assessment and mitigates in any method statement or safe system of work. This makes awareness training very important for this subject to ensure that the correct precautions are being taken.