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95.6 KB Download
Annexe 2 - Scaffold Frames and Attachment Brackets - Example Calcs
29.4 KB Download
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1.3 MB Download
211.7 KB Download
Changes in BS EN 62305:2011 - Changes from the 2006 Edition
352 KB Download
1.2 MB Download
1.2 MB Download
2.5 MB Download
63.1 KB Download
NFRC has produced a guidance note on Lightning Protection for Tiled and Slated Roofs with the help of ATLAS Council and Lightning Protection Committee member, John Jolly (Cuttings) on behalf of ATLAS. 727.5 KB Download
Guide to the Inspection and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys and Natural Draught Cooling Towers
131.7 KB Download
Guide to the Inspection of Single Flue Industrial Steel Chimneys
111.6 KB Download
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Wind Guidance Note for Working at Height
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This document provides a list of industry assessors of S/NVQ's for Lightning Protection Engineers and Steeplejacks 92.3 KB Download
Lightning Protection: A Life Story looks at the history of lightning protection, going back to when the first lightning protection system was applied, and how it has adapted to suit buildings and structures today. 1.5 MB Download


Renewing CSCS Cards

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ATLAS Endorsed Training Providers
A List of of Training Providers Endorsed to Provide Anchors for Steeplejacks and/or Working at Height for Lightning Conductor Engineers. 74.8 KB Download
Guidance Note: CSCS Cards
Frequently Asked Questions and Flow Chart on the Renewal of CSCS Cards 212.9 KB Download

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