ATLAS members have been at the forefront of the steeplejack trade for many years and undertake access, inspection, repair and maintenance work on a range of tall industrial structures and commercial buildings, including power stations, process plants, refineries, chimneys, cooling towers, manufacturing plants and shopping centres.

The height, location and use of many of these structures can make them vulnerable to damage and fatigue, particularly as a result of exposure to external elements. Regular inspection and maintenance are therefore crucial to ensuring that they remain safe, structurally sound and compliant with the relevant standards.

Access All Areas

Industrial and commercial structures typically have large surface areas and may include awkward features like lattice towers and trusses making access using conventional methods, such as scaffolding, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) or cranes, impractical and often expensive.

Using a combination of traditional steeplejack methods, rope access and specialist scaffold, ATLAS members can offer the complete work at height solution, providing the necessary access whilst also undertaking any repair or maintenance work required to the structure such as concrete repairs, painting, pointing and welding. In the case of initial inspections, access at height can sometimes be avoided by the completion of an initial drone survey instead. This ‘one stop shop’ is a more efficient and cost effective option for clients than using a number of different trades to carry out the work. This approach also simplifies logistics and reduces the potential for safety issues to arise.

Choose an ATLAS Steeplejack

Next time you are choosing a specialist contractor for all your work at height needs, don’t just choose a steeplejack, choose an ATLAS steeplejack.

Specialist Contractors for a Specialist Trade

Once the appropriate specialist access method has been identified, competent Specialist Contractors will carry out an inspection in line with current industry standards, such as BS EN: 1993, the ATLAS “Guide to the Inspection and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys and Natural Draught Cooling Towers” and the ATLAS “Guide to the Inspection of Single Flue Industrial Steel Chimneys,” to identify any defects such as loose brickwork or fractures in joints. Computer Aided Design programmes are often used for the inspection process to provide additional analysis for the project. Clients are provided with a written report detailing the outcome of the inspection and a maintenance plan can then be put in place to ensure the structure remains safe as well as maximise its lifespan.

ATLAS members also undertake the demolition and dismantling of structures such as chimneys and cooling towers, ensuring that this takes place safely with minimal risk and disruption to the general public. ATLAS is committed to developing and promoting safe working practices to protect its own workforce as well as others on site who may be affected by its activities.

ATLAS members have a wealth of experience working on complex and high profile industrial and commercial projects across the UK and clients can be confident that ATLAS members will provide the most appropriate solution to the highest safety and technical standards. You are welcome to liaise with ATLAS in the unlikely event of needing to get any issues resolved – giving you added peace of mind.  ATLAS also loves to hear from satisfied clients on the work its steeplejacks have undertaken.

ATLAS steeplejacks work on process engineering plants across the UK and abroad, and ATLAS has created a poster to demonstrate a sample of its access methods and services available at these sites.  If you would like to receive a copy or copies of the poster in the mail, please complete this form. Alternatively you can download the digital file below.

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