ATLAS has published the latest edition of its 21st Century Steeplejack Campaign to raise awareness of the diverse range of access methods and services its members can offer, aware that many associate steeplejacks with only ladder access to churches.

The Campaign involved a series of posters being distributed to different industries and ATLAS members, with the first being process engineering plants, the second being ecclesiastical buildings and the latest being steeplejack services in the city. These have been featured and spread through a variety of different channels, including Process Engineering Magazine, Process Industry InformerConservation & Heritage JournalEcclesiastical and Heritage World, LinkedIn and the London Work at Height Seminar.


Choose an ATLAS Steeplejack

Next time you are choosing a specialist contractor for all your work at height needs, don’t just choose a steeplejack, choose an ATLAS steeplejack.

The 21st Century Steeplejack Campaign had the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of the range of both traditional and modern access methods ATLAS steeplejacks can employ
  2. Raise awareness of the diverse range of specialist work at height services ATLAS steeplejacks can offer
  3. Promote ATLAS members as a “one-stop-shop” for a multitude of alternative access methods and specialist work at height
  4. Encourage clients to specify ATLAS members for specialist work at height.

What is a 21st Century Steeplejack?

Modern steeplejacks do not operate within the confines of one access method – the ladder – they use every trick in the book to offer the best solution to their clients.  Be that rope access, industrial drones, designed modular scaffolding, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), towers or suspended cradles, you can be assured that the steeplejack has consulted the hierarchy of control to offer the access method which is the safest, and most appropriate and cost-effective for your structure.  Steeplejacks work on chimneys, churches, silos, communications masts, roofs, storage tanks and all sorts of buildings and structures every day, so are best placed to satisfy all your specialist work at height needs.

Not only do modern steeplejacks employ a diverse range of access methods, but they also offer a variety of services, making them a “one-stop-shop.”  From cladding to pointing, and roofing to lightning protection, the 21st century steeplejack is the ultimate steeplejack of all trades.  Simplify your maintenance works now and consult a steeplejack for an unbiased, end-to-end, hassle-free process.  The benefits of using a comprehensive service include limiting the number of contractors on site, minimising the potential for logistical issues, minimising the potential for safety issues and saving both time and money.

The Association of Technical Lightning & Access Specialists (ATLAS) was established in 1946 and is the trade association for steeplejacks and lightning conductor engineers in the UK.  ATLAS steeplejacks take the multi-disciplined skill set of a steeplejack to the next level, by assuring clients of both quality service and workmanship.  Contractor members undergo a stringent application process in order to enter into ATLAS membership, and are then audited annually to ensure continuing compliance with a strict set of criteria.  Choosing an ATLAS member assures you of:

When you choose to use an ATLAS steeplejack, you are not dealing with an independent contractor alone.  You are welcome to liaise with ATLAS in the unlikely event of needing to get any issues resolved – giving you added peace of mind.  ATLAS also loves to hear from satisfied clients on the work its steeplejacks have undertaken.

Choose at ATLAS steeplejack – the ultimate steeplejack of all trades!

Display Your Services

Download ATLAS’ campaign posters and share with your clients to demonstrate the services you can offer to process engineering plants, ecclesiastical buildings and steeplejack services in the city.